Born a Crime - Trevor Noah

I first heard of Trevor Noah while scrolling through my Facebook feed, a few days later I found out there was a book he had written. I was intrigued by his story at this point and wanted to know what his book was about. I was not disappointed. This is one of those books that leave an impression. Trevor writes with such a down to earth, non-apologetic, and honest attitude that is hard to find now days. What I loved the most is that he relates the stories as matter-of-fact stories and inserts humor, wisdom, and seriousness at the exact moment it is needed. Some of his stories are heart wrenching, some are funny and truth be told I was laughing hysterically at some of his anecdotes (I'm sure I had some weird glances from those sitting close to me on my commute to work), and some come with great insights. Even though Trevor's life couldn't have been any more different than mine, I was able to identify with so many stories and truths from this book; from his relationship to his mother, to his relationship to his past, and more. Trevor has a keen understanding of humanity, of what makes humans do what they do and stay where they stay, of being aware that although we are all different - in a way we are all the same. I am glad I read this book because I know for sure it has opened my eyes to more of the world that we sometimes care to see.