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My thoughts on life and reviews on books that are shaping my life. Giving me the opportunity to question, ponder, and answer the big why's, how's, and what if's of my life, those around me, and life itself. 



Voices From Chernobyl by Svetlana Alexievich
Voices from Chernobyl - Keith Gessen, Swietłana Aleksijewicz

After watching the HBO show Chernobyl, I decided I would read "Voices from Chernobyl" by Svetlana Alexievich. Many of the stories presented in the show are here. This is a must read to see the reality of what happened through the eyes of those who experienced it. 

5 Stars
Furiously Happy: A Review
Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things - Jenny Lawson

A funny book about topics you didn't know you had to hear about. I identified way too much with Lawson's random thought process and saw myself in many of her situations. It is always great to know we are not alone;  that depression, not fitting in, having the weirdest things happen to you, and enjoying wholeheartedly the joyous moments in life because you have been on the other side of the spectrum is a-okay. To living furiously happy.

5 Stars
Born A Crime: A Review
Born a Crime - Trevor Noah

I first heard of Trevor Noah while scrolling through my Facebook feed, a few days later I found out there was a book he had written. I was intrigued by his story at this point and wanted to know what his book was about. I was not disappointed. This is one of those books that leave an impression. Trevor writes with such a down to earth, non-apologetic, and honest attitude that is hard to find now days. What I loved the most is that he relates the stories as matter-of-fact stories and inserts humor, wisdom, and seriousness at the exact moment it is needed. Some of his stories are heart wrenching, some are funny and truth be told I was laughing hysterically at some of his anecdotes (I'm sure I had some weird glances from those sitting close to me on my commute to work), and some come with great insights. Even though Trevor's life couldn't have been any more different than mine, I was able to identify with so many stories and truths from this book; from his relationship to his mother, to his relationship to his past, and more. Trevor has a keen understanding of humanity, of what makes humans do what they do and stay where they stay, of being aware that although we are all different - in a way we are all the same. I am glad I read this book because I know for sure it has opened my eyes to more of the world that we sometimes care to see.

What are you reading this weekend?

My weekend starts tomorrow, having the day off will help me catch up on my reading and although Saturday and Sunday will be busy days I will have one day to read. What are you all reading this weekend? 

On My Nightstand
The Little Book of Talent: 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills - Daniel Coyle How to Be a Woman - Caitlin Moran Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild - Mary A. Kassian Acedia & Me: A Marriage, Monks, and a Writer's Life - Kathleen Norris

I couldn't help but add a few more books to my nightstand book pile. I have been meaning to read Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild for years and this is my chance to cross it off my list. I heard about How To Be A Woman from Emma Watson's Book Club and thought it was an interesting read. I haven't decided which one I will read first but I can't wait to dive in.

Unstuffed: Decluttering Your Home, Mind, and   Soul - Ruth Soukup Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit the Bible’s View of Women - Sarah Bessey One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way - Robert Maurer The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster - Jon Krakauer Plan D: How to Tackle Sugar Sensitivity, Lose Weight, and Live Right with Diabetes - Sherri Shepherd

March was a very slow reading month for me. With everything that happened (my father passed away due to cancer) it took me a bit to get out of the slump and get into my habitual reading.


Read in March:
The only book I finished reading in March was Unstuffed by Ruth Soukup, I received an ARC from her launch team and I enjoyed being a part of it very much. I especially liked the last few chapters on her book that were dedicated to friendship and relationships.


Currently Reading:
I am halfway through a few books including Jesus Feminist, One Step at a Time: The Kaizen Way, and The Lightning Thief - the first book from the Percy Jackson series. This month I began reading two more books as shown in the pictures.


New Books: I also acquired a Devotional and a book titled Verdaderamente Bella from a church conference I attended last weekend. I rarely read in spanish so this will serve as practice to my spanish reading skills.

3 Stars
A Review:
Doomed Queens: Royal Women Who Met Bad Ends, From Cleopatra to Princess Di - Kris Waldherr

This was a 50/50 for me and I wasn't sure if to give it a 2 1/2 or 3 star rating but decided on giving it a 3. I enjoyed reading this because I learned about Queens that I had never heard about before and this allowed me to do more research on those whom I found interesting. Each woman only gets a one to two page spread so if you are looking for in depth information this is not the book for you. On the bad aspects of it, the flippancy with which this story is told was extremely annoying and there is a condescending tone through out most of the book that I sometimes felt was a little too much. This is a great book to read in short bursts, so if you are looking for that give this try.

Sad but true...

Reblogged from A Reading Vocation
Informania: Sharks (Informania) - Christopher Maynard The Lightning Thief  - Rick Riordan

-What do you do when your son brings you books to read from school? 

-You read them. :-)


(All while trying to finish the books you are already reading before they are due at the library)



Simplified living is about more than doing less. It's being who God called us to be, with a wholehearted, single-minded focus. It's walking away from innumerable lesser opportunities in favor of the few to which we've been called and for which we've been created.
Simplify: Ten Practices to Unclutter Your Soul - Bill Hybels

Page 2

4 Stars
A Review
Who You Are When No One's Looking: Choosing Consistency, Resisting Compromise - Bill Hybels

I found this book to be of incredible value to me. I love books that make me recognize what I am missing in a particular area of my life and give me insights as to how to improve myself. This book was able to provide me with ways to improve my Spiritual Life and to see where I was failing, I particularly liked the chapter on "Vision".

To buy or not to buy

I was fighting the impulse not to buy any more books today even though the 50% off all books sign was very alluring. I kept telling myself I didn't have much space for more books and then I said aloud 'I am participating in the #readyourowndamnbooks challenge anyways so I should read books that I already own', to which my 10 year old son replies, 'You do realize once you buy them, you will own them and by reading them you are still completing the challenge'. The voice of reason had spoken!! One more book (a few more?) wouldn't hurt, right. 

3 Stars
Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed
Brave Enough - Cheryl Strayed

Having read both Wild and Tiny Beautiful Things I recognized most of the quotes in this book. Although some quotes stand well on their own, others lack substance with out the full context of which they speak of. I have read Tiny Beautiful Things more than once and find its raw honesty and wisdom inspiring and although many quotes in Brave Enough are derived from it, here they lack the powerful punch that they possess in Tiny Beautiful Things. That said, this little book is great for reading them at a moment's notice. 

Book Recommendation Help

In search of the perfect Gothic Novel; a combination of an eerie atmosphere and events, a hauntingly and yet beautiful storyline and suspense. Some of my favorite are The Angel's Game, The Shadows of the Wind, and The Thirteenth Tale. Any suggestions? 


Update: Thank you for the replies fellow readers. It is always a great feeling to discover books one would have never known about if not for the help  of other enthusiastic readers willing to share their favorite reads.

And the conversation goes...

Me: "I think I should study to be a nurse"

My Son: "Umm no"

Me: "You don't see me as a nurse?"

MS: "Not really, I see you opening a bookstore."

Me: (While giving him a giant kiss on his cheek) "Awww you truly know me, you truly know me."